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Use Sunscreen with Make Up Tips

Before you begin off with anything, ensure your face is spotless. You would prefer not to resemble a wreck on a mid year evening, isn’t that right? So utilize new wipes to clean your face or just utilize some rose water with cotton to knead. A mellow chemical that suits your skin would do ponders as well.

Take a touch of the sunscreen now and apply everywhere throughout the face and neck locale. Make an effort not to utilize a lot of it. Something else, your cosmetics will start to slide everywhere. Keep a tissue close by to evacuate the overabundance.

Presently, you can begin applying cosmetics like you normally do . You will require some face cosmetics alongside translucent face powder. That will make a very much adjusted look. In the event that your skin is too sleek, continue smudging paper prepared in your grasp.

Your cosmetics and sunscreen, both have been connected the correct way, and you are presently prepared!

When Should You Apply Sunscreen?

It is best to apply a sunscreen of SPF 30 before applying makeup. Make sure to apply sunscreen before moisturizer as well as makeup. You should let the moisturizer sit in for the next 20 minutes approximately. This will prevent the powder from getting all smudged and also increase the effectiveness of the sun block.

What Kind Of Makeup Should You Use?

If you are stepping out today for very long, mineral makeup would be the ultimate choice for you. It will add another layer of protection and keep your skin safe too. Some experts have also suggested that mineral makeup can be applied on the top of sunscreen, and it will also help in concealing all dark spots and blemishes the sunscreen might have missed.

A Tinted Compact Would Do Wonders:

When you are stepping out during the day, whether it’s because of office work or just to meet up a couple of friends, it is best to carry a tiny compact that comes with an SPF. SPF 30 to 50 would be ideal. That should give you maximum coverage and enough sun protection. Do a few touch ups throughout the day to look fresh and updated. However, make sure to choose a product that goes with your skin type. Beige and honey usually goes with all, but if you have a very different complexion, go for a shade that looks good with that!

Now that you know how to apply sunscreen with makeup, here is the perfect sunscreen you should try before wearing makeup!

Lakme Sun Expert

Sun Expert Fair Sunscreen Lotion by Lakme has become the talk of the town these days. It is perfect during summer and comes with SPF 30 that protects your skin from getting tarnished. Lakme Sun Expert also lightens the skin, and since it has been tested by dermatologists, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. The product is oil-free and comes with no side effects at all. It keeps your skin fresh and young at all times.